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The Zytoenergese® technology used by The Cell Station is a holistic system that energises the cells of your skin, hair and body. Strong and healthy cells are the basis for your vitality and beauty. Cell structure is damaged or altered wherever we feel pain or are injured. A further sign of cell damage is the beginning of hair loss, as well as an overtired skin which already shows visible signs of tension. At this point we start with the treatment.


The Zytoenergese® speaks the language of your cells via on-going communication with them. Each cell is animated to return to its original, healthy state. The cells are brought back into the correct cell tension. Energy may flow again.


This unique treatment is completely painless and free from undesirable side effects. Furthermore, there are no contraindications.



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Th Cell Station Ibiza - Treatment

Zytoenergese® can help dramatically with the following conditions:

  • back problems

  • neck pain

  • sleeping problems

  • headaches

  • stomach ache

  • inflammations

  • muscle tension

  • sports injuries

  • postoperative application

  • bone injuries

  • hormonal disorders

  • joint disorders

  • metabolic disorders

  • autoimmune diseases

  • tendon, ligament and muscle injuries

  • ganglion, edema, etc.

  • all types of pain and inflammations

And it works for animals too: please see some testimonials of happy pet owners here!

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Th Cell Station Ibiza - Skin Treatment

This anti-ageing facial treatment is non-invasive and completely painless. Through the activation of cells, skin regeneration is stimulated. In addition, the lymph flow is accelerated, thus promoting cleansing. This leads to slowing down the ageing process and restoring the natural cell activity. The result is a naturally visible and noticeable rejuvenation of the skin.


The treatment consists of three stages. The first two steps focus on tightening the facial muscles and activating the lymphatic flow. In the third phase the regeneration of the skin is stimulated and wrinkles are smoothed Additionally, the entire facial skin is energised. Finally, a suitable skin care product is applied to the eye area, face and décolleté.

The key benefits are:

  • tightens sagging muscles

  • tones and lifts-up skin tissues

  • brightens the facial complexion

  • smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

  • heals acne, and helps with couperose and scars.

  • replaces tired cells by new ones

  • stimulates the lymphatic system, promoting purification.

  • reverses the natural ageing process

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Th Cell Station Ibiza - Hair Treatment

Stops hair loss and encourages new growth by renewing hair. This treatment makes the hair denser, leading to long-lasting balance of energy circulation in the entire body. It is effective ​against all kinds of hair and scalp issues:

  • alopecia totalis

  • alopecia areata

  • androgenetical hair loss

  • scalp itch

  • dandruff

  • allergic reactions

  • improves scalp & hair structure

This treatment can be done in the comfort of your own home.​




We offer you the possibility to rent the mobile Zytoenergese® device for self-treatment, in the comfort of your own home.

Healing is a sensitive subject which requires time and continuity. In today's everyday life, one often loses the leisure to implement the appropriate programs or techniques. These aspects have been taken into account in the development of the mobile Zytoenergese® device in order to make self-treatment possible, in the peace and privacy of your own home.

The user-friendliness of the mobile Zytoenergese® device is excellent, and after a short introduction it is possible to use the device yourself, and have your first self-treatment session. Another positive point is that the mobile device does not require much space, does not consume much power, and is easy to store.

We will be happy to advise you and develop together the appropriate treatment program, and associated suitable rental period of one of our mobile devices: please do not hesitate to contact us.


Raise your Frequency



After thirty years of running a fitness and wellness centre, I would now like to introduce you to the amazing Zytoenergese® Hi-Tech treatment for natural cell regeneration. True power comes from within, our glow and vibration are in the core of our cells!


But, how did I come across this wonderful technology? For many years I have had to cope with my everyday life with severe pain because I suffered from athrosis. Spontaneous activities have not been fully possible for a long time. The nights were often sleepless due to the persistent pain. This made the days even more exhausting. I found myself in a cycle of pain and discomfort. Something had to change, because nothing promised relief.


Driven by desperation, pain and constant overexertion I started to look into alternative healing methods. During my research I came across the Zytoenergese Hi-Tech treatment. Without further ado I decided to purchase this device and to familiarise myself with its use and the healing possibilities it offers. What then followed was like a miracle for me at that time. Relatively quickly after the first treatments, my pain level improved significantly and my mobility also improved.


At the same time I also understood that a physical healing can only take place in a consequent dialogue with my emotional side. It felt as if these long lost communication channels of my self were suddenly active again. My holistic healing began. Finally I could sleep again. Today I can say with great happiness and satisfaction that I have been completely pain-free for four years now.


This has changed my life, I have learned a lot and am now much free and happier in my now pain free life! I am infinitely grateful about my healing journey.


I am here! I am ready to help you!

With love,


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