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Claudia Author & Retreats Organiser
Received a skin rejuvenation treatment

David Musician
Received treatment for hair loss and sleep issues

Ayda Koç Healer 
Received treatment for water retention, and her dog for digestive and fur issues


Gabriela Lueck
Wedding Planner, Ibiza

What can I say... Dietra and her Cell Station method are amazing.
We asked her for support for my son, and with her gentle, caring and empathic nature, she immediately connected to him. The Cell Station treatment helped him to cure his toss.
Thank you so much for everything!

Christa Loeser

Gardener, Ibiza

❤ it´s great and keeps what it promises

Chris Le Blanc
Music Producer, Ibiza - Munich

I like to recommend this wonderful treatment, it's amazing. I had problems with my sleep, woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall asleep again.


After the treatments it is much better, now I can sleep again for 7, 8 hours and get up fresh and relaxed the next morning.


Thank you so much Dietra


Katja Paschmann


Dietra has already helped me very well twice now with her treatment.


I had acute back pain and already the first treatment was very effective and the pain got much better.

Thank you Dietra, also because I always got an appointment immediately.


Dietra also had an incredibly calm aura and I feel very well taken care of.

I recommend her warmly.

Ime Essien

Coreographer, Ibiza

Feeling very happy with the results of my daily treatments when renting the machine for a week!


It immediately regulates my nervous system, so that feel better. I sleep better, am more balanced and generally both calmer inside and more energized for my daily actions.


Thank you, Thank you!

Ayda Koç
Healer, Ibiza

This incredible treatment is the place to go instead of spending time and money on other healing treatments especially with disbalances.


What a gift to have you in Ibiza. Yes it does treat hair loss and face rejuvenation BUT that is the least I want to talk about.

Dietra you need to be known from everyone!

Dis-ease, emotional and physical, sleeping issues, organ challenges, back problems, nervous system, meridian, humans or animals, no side effects, genuine... you are going to rock the world. I am humbled to include your service from now on into my Rehabilitation Therapy program for my clients. Collectively we are stronger.


Bravo! 👍🏼 your fan Ayda.

Suzua von Elmenreich

Artist & Entrepreneur, Ibiza

Hi, I had a very heavy back problem: after coming back from in hospital where I was treated for a kidney problem, had a surgery with epidural, a very strong allergic reaction on the antibiotics I had to take, with incredible pain for 1 week, I finally came home... then made a wrong move, and couldn't move anymore because something moved in my lower back, and another pain journey started. I was out if it.... I thought: please no more pain! I didn't want to take any more painkiller, I've had so many already... I also was supposed to take cortisone, but I said: no more chemicals to my body!


Then I had some sessions with Dietra and her ZYTONERGESE machine, she said: "you just try, I am sure it will help you" - I couldn't sit down, couldn't lay on my back, hardly walk, only with a lot of pain, and now here I am: after the first session it already felt soooo much better, and today I had session 5, and I am almost pain-free...


Yeah! I will carry in for another week, and I know taht by then I will be back to myself again! thank you so much Dietra and Cell Station! 🙏🏼✨💫



Liz Kueneke
Artist, Ibiza

Dietra's creams have become an essential part of my skincare... I have literally never used a cream that was so richly hydrating, and I can just smell and feel how natural and good for my skin it is. I feel wonderful wearing it and it has been extremely helpful to me with my dry skin. Highly recommended!

Gaby Kottinger
Yoga Teacher, Germany

I’ve been using the day and night creams since two weeks now. What can I say? Ocean Moon and Sea Moon exceed any other natural cosmetics I have ever tried. After spending time in tropical, sunny Bali the dry, cold climate in Germany really affected my skin. It became irritated and very dry.
By using Dietra’s cream just once my skin immediately felt better. The cream is easy to apply, absorbs well, has a nice smell and leaves your face glowing.
I am not exaggerating when I say:

best cream ever
🌿❤️ Worth every single Euro!

Rachel Davidson-Janssen

Full-time mum & Pilates teacher, Ibiza

Oh my... where shall I start! I had a treatment with Dietra that was amazing so I decided to try her creams Ocean Moon and Sea Moon because it is a sure thing that Dietra’s product are ALWAYS of the highest quality... and I am so happy.
My skin has literally nevvvvvvver been better. Here in Ibiza my white northern skin suffers quite a lot but now feels soft and firm at the same time and it also smoothens out the fine lines. Every morning and evening I can’t wait to put it on.
My skin just drinks it and I also love the fact that it is all organic natural and smells delicious. Well done (as always)!



Ariel Huttard


Cell Station is the best I've come across so far.

Since my youth I have suffered from problematic skin, large pores and some acne scars.

Except for laser treatment, I have tried all kinds of tortures and the results were relatively unspectacular.

But now I have finally found the best solution for me: The Cell Station!

It is effective, does not hurt and I can go into the sun without any problems... and the result is phenomenal.

Berivan Kaya

This beautiful soft natural treatment brings your face back into a state of deep relaxation... it feels like your cells start to awaken and to rejuvenate your skin.
Dietra is working in a sensitive and beautiful way, you can feel and see the effect immediately.
It feels like meditation to receive this beautiful and soft treatment. I highly recommand the Cell Station. 🙏❤

Wow! I am so happy starting with facial treatments at The Cell Station, by wonderful and proficient Dietra.


I had 3 treatments and already after the first I could see a huge difference. And after today everybody else also would see it!


The organic cream Sea Moon is so soft, and you can immediately see and feel a difference from whatever creams you may have used before (I will buy the others too).

I almost can't wait for another and another and another session.


I could have kept it as my secret, but I rather recommend every woman/man to give it a try. You would not want to try something else. Good luck to all new clients. Spring and summer - just come along.


Thousands of thanks to my angel Dietra.

Lots of love from me, Karine.



Mie Laursen

I have had 5 facial treatments during 6 months at The Cell Station.

It’s a very pleasant 1 hour session of relaxing massage like treatment.


Since the 4th treatment I have have had compliments from friends for looking more fresh and sparkling, without them knowing what I had been up to.


I can fully recommend anyone to try this out! And remember to have a few sessions before you judge the result for yourself.

Kathrin Martin

At this point I would like to talk about my experiences with the Zytoenergese® treatment and the use of SUN GOLD CREAM. I have now had my third treatment and have been using SUN GOLD CREAM for 5 weeks - I couldn't be happier! My skin has changed unbelievably, it is radiant and fresh.

Already after the first treatment I could see improvements, the second treatment brought me an incredible number of compliments - after the third treatment the opinion of my friends and acquaintances was clear: you look much younger and fresher! What woman doesn't like to hear that - but it is the truth. The wrinkles and bags around my eyes have completely disappeared! It is unbelievable and I am infinitely grateful!

Dietra is really a very special person. She radiates such a pleasant calmness that the treatment is like a wellness ceremony. The daily application of the SUN GOLD CREAM makes my skin glow, the scent of this cream alone is simply wonderful! The application of the cream has a healing effect for me at the same time. You really notice how special this product is and how gratefully my skin absorbs it. I am not only satisfied - -I am convinced!!!!!!

Karine - Natural face-lift: before, after 5 sessions, after 20 sessions

Sonia - Natural face-lift: before, after 1 session

Th Cell Station Ibiza - Skin Treatment

Skin rejuvenation - Before & after 1 treatment



Th Cell Station Ibiza - Skin Treatment

Acne - before & after 12 treatments


Melanoma - before & after 5 treatments


Wound which was not healing  - before & after 5 weeks



Th Cell Station Ibiza - Hair Treatment

Before & after 25 treatments

Th Cell Station Ibiza - Hair Treatment

Before & after 20 treatments

Th Cell Station Ibiza - Hair Treatment

Before & after 20 treatments


Before & after 4 months

Th Cell Station Ibiza - Hair Treatment

Before & after 20 treatments

Th Cell Station Ibiza - Hair Treatment

Alopecia Areata for over 25 years - Before & after treatment

Th Cell Station Ibiza - Hair Treatment

Before & after 30 treatments

Th Cell Station Ibiza - Hair Treatment

Before & after 20 treatments

Th Cell Station Ibiza - Hair Treatment

Before & after 20 treatments

Th Cell Station Ibiza - Hair Treatment

Before & after 20 treatments

Th Cell Station Ibiza - Hair Treatment

Before & after 30 treatments



Cristina García-Longoria Huerta
Lawyer, Ibiza - Madrid

I really recommend this super treatment!
Dietra was giving to my dog this treatment because he was with a problem in his paw... and next day when he woke up, he was much, much better and he could even walk perfectly! Amazing!

Andrea Kuhlmann

 Entrepreneur, Ibiza

My dalmatian Coco had severe osteoarthritis in the hip, hind legs, complications from a blister surgery back in 2019, and a chronic bladder infection. We have treated his bladder, his muscles, bones and spine, and Coco has regained his joy of running. We are infinitely grateful to Dietra & her Cell Station, are absolutely convinced and very happy! Thank you for the healing that has happened!

Delores Wielzen


My dear friend Abel (Saluki hound) has been with me since he was twelve weeks old, now he is six.

About 2,5 - 3 years ago we noticed that he was starting to walk oddly, like he had a tension in his hips and right hind leg. I noticed that he would not put any weight on his right hind leg while running or jumping on a bench. We went to the vet to have a radiography of his spine, hips and legs. Apparently, my dear friend has a slight hip dysplasia and two vertebra in his spine are close together and sometimes touch (probably while running), which causes a pain in his back. So, actually the problem starts in the back and results in a discomfort in his right leg (the muscles round his hip joint), because he adapts his way of walking to relieve his back and hips. After a good run I would notice that he would be walking, wiggling like a penguin. And he is quite a runner…

I have been using the machine for 10 days. The first days I did not see any change. After 3 days I was happy to notice that Abel started to run putting weight on his hind leg while running. I had not seen this in more than two years. After a few days Abel got used to the machine and actually started to relax during the treatment, and sometimes he would even sleep.

While moving with the brush of the Cell Station over his whole body and spine, I noticed where there where other tensions in his body. Like, around his shoulders and the leg joints. So overall I am happy with the results and will keep monitoring Abel, it might be that I will repeat the treatment at some point, to keep supporting his back and hips. As far as I can see Abel was also happy with the treatments. The Cell Station has impacted this health in a positive way. For me a great discovery. I experience it as easy way to support my friend without having to visit the vet.

On a last note: before starting the treatment Abel was loosing a lot of hair. After one day I noticed that he was not loosing any hair anymore while brushing him. Somehow I feel that the machine works on a very deep level, as after a few days I also noticed him sleeping more deeply and dreaming a lot… 🙂

Thank you Dietra!

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