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The name Zytoenergese® has its origins in the words cell and energy.


Cells are the building blocks of the body and communicate permanently with each other. However, this is only possible if the circulation of energy between the cells is balanced.

In their normal state, our cells possess a certain level of electrobiological cell energy. This is a natural voltage of the body's own biological electricity. If the cell energy deviates from this level, disturbances of the natural cell tension and often of the entire physical-chemical body balance can occur.

Treatment with the Zytoenergese treatment system restores the balance in terms of communication with the cells. This communication leads to the production of energy, which the body needs for faster healing and regeneration.


Our treatments lead to an intensive, long-term equilibrium of the energy circulation in the entire body

The bioelectric cellular energy of the body is made to flow locally and within the cells through the blood circulation and the energy currents and energy centres.

The latest microprocessor technology allows a permanent bi-directional communication with the cell in order to accurately produce those energies needed by the body for faster healing and regeneration, as the Zytoenergese® technology activates the body‘s own regeneration system.

The treatment is the effect aimed to reduce inflammation and enhance the flexibility and the function of the musculoskeletal system. Endorphins and encephalins are released, and pain relief is achieved during or immediately after the Zytoenergese® therapy. After just 60 seconds, the physiological effects of the Zytoenergese® treatment can be measured in the blood and energy streams of the body.

Some of these effects are:

  • Five-fold increase of the production of ATP (ATP = adenosine triphosphate is the important means of storing and delivering energy in every cell)

  • Improvement in membrane transport by 30 to 40% (which accelerates the targeted delivery of amino acids, the important building blocks of proteins)

  • Protein synthesis increased by over 70% (which slows the deterioration of cells)

  • Stimulation of the broblasts (stromal cells)

  • Increased production of T-lymphocytes (which strengthen the immune system)

  • Increased insulin formation (which increases the oxidative degradation of carbohydrates)

  • Improved calcium absorption

  • Activation of DNA synthesis (which slows down the aging process of cells)

  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system (which promotes cleansing by lymphatic fluids and the discharge of toxins)

  • A thorough medical scan is performed by the device.

  • The acid/base balance is checked and, if necessary, improved.

  • Hardened deposits are dissolved and removed by detoxification through the lymphatic system.

  • Mineral absorption to each individual cell is ensured: as the blood flow is stimulated, and as a result mineral substances can be returned to the the cells, including hair root cells and to hair cells.

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